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Cheese is our passion! There are about 150 different varieties in our cabinets.  We also have other flavours from Bjäre and world-renowned delicacies.

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Tuesday - Friday 10-18
Saturday 10-15


Our store has also pasta, oils, chocolates, desserts and more than 50 different kinds
of loose tea. At our place the flavours should be an experience. Feel free to order a basket full of flavours from Tant Grön. We make ready-made cheese & meat trays,
gift baskets & picknick baskets in different sizes.

Just to order, pick-up and serve!

What our Visitors say

"This store is a wonderful pearl placed at beautiful Bjäre peninsula. Delicacies for everyone with good taste and even fine klothes. Helpful, knowledgeable and very friendly staff"

Ulrika Lysholm

Du hittar goda ostar och presenter hos Tant Grön på Bjärehalvön utanför Båstad

With more than 150 varieties of cheese you will find Monte Nebro, Brilliat Savarin and Kaltbach. but also locally produced cheeses from  Österlen and Bjäre peninsula.

We make reday-to -serve cheese & meat trays, gift baskets  & picknic baskets in different sizes. 

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Du hittar goda charkprodukter och presenter hos Tant Grön på Bjärehalvön utanför Båstad

You will find specialties such as 15 months air-dried Parma ham, Fennel salami and Truffle salami from Italy.
From Spain comes Cecina, an air-dried oak-smoked ox thigh. Amazingly good tapas!
Our Pata Negra ham comes from the same country. It comes from the black pigs that lived on acorns.

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Du hittar goda ostar, desserter, choklad och presenter hos Tant Grön på Bjärehalvön utanför Båstad

On the shelves of the store are everything from olive oils, marmalades, pasta and much more from small fantastic manufacturers. In addition, we have about 40 different types of tea in loose weight.

 We make reday-to -serve cheese & meat trays, gift baskets  & picknic baskets in different sizes.

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We have a long history of growing raspberry here on the farm. It goes all the way back to the 1950. We have fresh raspberrys in store every day during the season. We also have a small production of raspberry juice and raspberry jam made according to old recipies from the farm. Please order!

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