our story


Keep it simple! 
Thats what we thougt in 1998 when we opend 
TANT GRÖN a day in june. There was a small room in one of our farmbuildings that stood empty and with some love and inspiration the first store opend with fruits and vegetables.  We could never have dreamed that this little shop would recieve so much attention! 

At the farm where TANT GRÖN and ELIN  ARVID the story is well preserved. Both in the buildings and in the length of ownership. How old it really is, we do not know for sure. The first map available is from the year 1821. It is easy to feel the wings of history here in the yard. It has now gone from father to son, mother to son and father to daughter for six generations. As the sixth generation, we took over 1995.

In the old photo, which has become the stores' signature, you see Elin and Arvid Andersson with their children. The picture was taken at the end of the 1920s. Photographer unknown.

Welcome to our place!

Anna-Karin o Nils
Emma, Annelie och Martina

our store today

TANT GRÖN is today a unique farm shop. Here you will find everything from home-made to world-renowned delicacies. Cheese is our load! We have more than 100 different goodies. In addition, olive oils, marmalades, pasta, chocolate and over 50 different types of loose tea. Welcome to a tasteful experience in the middle of the countryside!

We not only like taste, we also like style. It was the start of a new store here on the farm, ELIN  ARVID.  The premises existed but was a stable that was rebuilt into a fresh and cozy clothing store in 2011. So now there is both style and taste under the same roof.